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   PurgeFox supports VISTA's IE7 protected mode Cookies and Cache

from the vendor for PurgeIE and PurgeIE Pro
is also known as Purge FireFox.

The current version PurgeFox, 5.04, 
supports Win-8 and FireFox thru version 32.x

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PurgeFox is a utility program specifically designed for users of the popular FireFox browser for removing the surfing tracks retained by FireFox and Windows.

PurgeFox lets you easily protect  the Cookies you want to keep and quickly delete the rest. 

PurgeFox optionally displays a list of the items it deletes and provides a 'Preview' function to let you determine the items that would be deleted by the 'Purge' function.

PurgeFox frees up wasted space on your HardDrive.

With PurgeFox, you can delete FireFox History, delete FireFox Cache, clean FireFox URLs, delete Windows Temp folder data, clear FireFox AutoComplete data and remove FireFox Search information.

Protect your FireFox privacy.

You have come to the right place if you want to:

  • Delete FireFox Cache
  • Delete FireFox Cookies
  • Delete FireFox History
  • Delete FireFox Search History
  • Delete FireFox Forms History

    and Clear Internet Explorer tracks.

PurgeFox supports FireFox versions 0.9 - 12.x
and Internet Explorer 5.0 - 10.0
Windows XP, VISTA, Win-7 and Win-8


PurgeFox was created by the developer of PurgeIE and PurgeIE Pro due to the requests from customers who wanted similar functions for their use of the popular FireFox browser. 

Consideration was given for supporting FireFox via Plugins for PurgeIE Pro.  However, FireFox purposefully hides their Cache, History and Cookies data.  Their technique generates a random folder name which would require that any Plugins to be hand-tailored by each user for their installation.  This would not be desirable.

PurgeFox was developed as a separate program as the folder structure and the Cookie handling used by FireFox is entirely different from that used by Internet Explorer.

Several of the PurgeIE and PurgeIE Pro options that were available for removing Windows tracks have been implemented in PurgeFox.

PurgeFox provides a Cookie Viewer function to assist in designating desirable Cookies to be retained.  This is similar to the function in PurgeIE and PurgeIE Pro.

PurgeFox includes the popular Plugins function and the Secure Erase (secure delete) option from PurgeIE Pro.
    See - http://www.purgeie.com/purgepro.htm 

The Plugins available with PurgeIE Pro are supported by PurgeFox. These Plugins are also distributed with PurgeFox.  You can also use PurgeIE Pro's "Plugin Manager" to generate your own Plugins.
    See - http://www.purgeie.com/plugins.htm 

Note - many find this page when trying to find out how to delete the FireFox Index.dat files.
There are no FireFox Index.dat files!  
The Index.dat files on your system belong to Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer.

License / Registration

The price for the single-user license for PurgeFox is $24.95 (US). 

Note  that PurgeFox is being made available to existing PurgeIE and PurgeIE Pro customers at a reduced price of $11.00 US.

Site Licenses or Multiple-use Licenses are also available upon request via the vendor.  Click to  [Request Quote]

Free support is provided via Email.

There are no additional charges for downloading Maintenance Releases or New Versions.

Registered users are welcome to download and install New Versions.

Trial Period 

PurgeFox is marketed as Shareware.  This means that you are free to try the programs prior to purchasing a license.  You are allowed to test this software for fifteen (15) days in its Fully-functional mode.  These days need not be contiguous.  Once the Trial Period expires, the program can still execute in Preview mode for evaluation purposes.  In Preview mode no actual deletes are performed.  The program must then be licensed (registered) to regain its Fully-functional mode.

The non-contiguous evaluation period avoids the scenario in which one downloads a program, studies it briefly, has to put it aside for other pressing matters, tries to evaluate it after several weeks and finds that it does not function after some fixed time.   Actually, one could use the program weekly for 15 weeks before purchasing a license. 

Privacy Policy

Assistance & Resources for Computing, Inc. will not share your Registration Information with an external organization without a Court Order to do so.

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